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What is Bluekey?

Bluekey and her subsidiaries are a superior crypto-financial system (with Ethereum Blockchain), global Order Management and routing platform featuring rich front ends with tight integration to its powerful back office and accounting system, delivering a world class solution to government agencies, brokerage firms and investment banks in Africa.

The Bluekey is a multi-dimensional platform that effectively operates in Computer Science, Financial computing, Software Engineering and Blockchain development, Multi-Asset Class, Multi-Market and Multi- Currency), that supports Equities, Futures, Forex, Derivatives, Bonds Options; which connect over 30 markets worldwide. The Company's operational base and dedicated management is in the heart of Port- Harcourt city, Rivers state, Nigeria where we work to ensure the dream of a NEW ECONOMY becomes a common reality.

Who we are!

Our staffs are grounded in extensive international banking and FX market experience; and assume the day-to- day executive management of our vision in a bid to streamline experience and operations that provides new economic leadership.
For Ten years, the Company has grown exponentially. The Chief Executive Officer of the Company and principal shareholder is Mr. NEENWI SUANU, a lecturer, instructor, and researcher of sterling 20 years standing. He possesses substantial executive operational experience in the foreign exchange industry, and has written several advisory journals on Nigerian Stock Market and Investment. The bedrock and sustainability of the company stands mainly on trading platform and integrity.

Benefits of Bluekey

-- 1
There is practically no R&D or testing cost to our Client/Partner(s).
-- 2
All implementation time is very short, typically 30-40 days depending on the size and requirements of the Client/Partner(s).
-- 3
Our Client/Partner(s) can potentially generate revenue and income from day one of its operation.
-- 4
Our Client/Partner(s) has the option to outsource most or all back-office processing and functionality to Bluekey.
-- 5
Bluekey provides the technological know-how and operational logistics so that the resources and investments are utilized in the most effective way.
-- 6
Bluekey also provides the necessary liquidity so that the partner does not need to secure its own liquidity or assume risks.
-- 7
Bluekey can guarantee that the partner's customers never go into negative equity as a result of trading.
-- 8
Bluekey solutions are scalable into the tens of thousands of customers.

What we do at Bluekey

Crypto-financial ecosystem.

Bluekey Breakout Trading System (BBTS)

- Novel & flagship trading.experts system which trades forex with optimum returns. (Over 10 years experience on online trading & research into financial computing, code-named- BBTS.
- C#.Net program / Spotware CALGOF framework.

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Bluekey FOREX Brokerage Service (BFBS)

- Trade on Bluekey Forex platform deployed by
- Bluekey BKY Coin is used for payments on our brokerage platform

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Bluekey Forex MarketHub (BFM)

- Bluekey market Trading Signals for experienced forex traders
- Access however is restricted to only staffs of Bluekey
- This is the backbone to our crypto-financial systems, since our traders generate returns on weekly based performance of various assets.

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Bluekey Leaders' Network

- Subscribed leaders are trained to manage Bluekey services in their respective domains. The partner/Subscribers are empowered to build communities that further enhance the BKY Ecosystem.

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Bluekey Lending

- Display Total of Bluekey Assets on (Ethereum) Blockchain equivalent to processed loans.
- Investors can borrow to Bluekey at specific duration, and interest rates.
- If BKY appreciates in value with in the period of a the loan, and 10% of profit is all that's deducted for Bluekey

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FOREX & Cryptocurrency Train (F&CT)

- Program is usually streamed (broadcasted) online, which enables anyone access through inlets like Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, etc.
- Potential client can as well participate in advanced forex and crypto-currency trading course at minimal costs.

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Bluekey Hedge (BH)

- BKY provides staking on its hedging platforms, which is a precursor to its Proof of Stake (POS).
- Clients maximize their gains by buying more and holding BKY coins.

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Bluekey E-Market (B E-M)

- This is our Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Business to Client (B2C) platforms for providing e- commerce services, which allows clients to rent spaces and shop online through BKY online market place.

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Bluekey Coin (BKY)

- BKY is our Flagship Utility Token, that enables the use of Smart contracts and payments for services within the Bluekey Ecosystem
- Comprises a total of 10 Billion Tokens, minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Bluekey Coin ATM card

- Enables Users to be able to make payments via POS using BKY Coin and to withdraw cash via ATMs nationwide. - Cards on request are $20 each.

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Bluekey (FCMB)-Payment

- Designed to provide access to banking services, especially in areas with low bank presence in Nigeria.

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Bluekey Co-Work Offices - (BCWO)

- Provide rental workspaces for users, subscribers, financial asset traders.

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Bluekey Exchange (BEx)

- Provides local & online exchange for BTC/ Naira.
- Geared to take advantage of the local markets in fiat currencies, including Naira.

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Bluekey Mobile Wallets (BMW)

- Facilitates and provide the use of BKY coins, BKY mobile wallets for iOS and Android platforms.

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Bluekey Target Market, Mission Statement

To empower individual online traders by delivering innovative new technologies backed by world-class support. Bluekey offers access to online FX market for retail and institutional traders.


Bluekey strives to provide a very high quality of service through:

Competitive Pricing

Highly competitive pricing (spreads) on a wide variety of trading pairs.

Precious Metals

The ability to trade precious metals (spot gold and silver).

Trading Platforms

Different top-notch trading platforms.

Customer Service

Multi-lingual customer service.

Fair Trade

Fair trade issues resolution.

Customer Education

Dedication to continuous customer education.


Influencers of the Forex Market

People trade forex based on expectations of the future, which are shaped by many factors.
Each market participant has their goals; some are companies who are hedging currency exposure to protect their business; some are fundamental traders who focus on factors that affect the strength of whole economies; others are technical traders who look for price patterns to trigger their trades.

In addition, there are central banks, hedge funds and financial institutions who all bring different goals and interpretations to their trading.
The various market participants place different weight on information about interest rates, policy (laws), economic announcements and natural or man-made events; they all affect expectations and thus influence market movements. It is important to NOTE that when it comes to the Forex market, you can profit from down-turns as well as rising prices. It's a double edge spear, depending on where you stand.


Bluekey Brokerage Bring Investment Trade Solutions

Bluekey Solution brings together the best of both investment Sell– Side solution, and the Buy – Side solution. We cover more than 50 exchanges worldwide with hundreds of symbols and thousands of buy from. Bluekey is your reliable agent for investments in global markets and is where you exceed the limits and become the prime brokerage with integrity as our watch word.

We convert our expertise into action with speed and efficiency. Our execution and efficient management spans through the entire workflow, delivering functionality and connectivity designed to increase revenue, optimize efficiency, improve direct market access and manage risk.

We offer an integrated and complete “endtoend” solution for an order management system, that includes front office, middle office, back office, liquidity management, electronic order flow, Algorithmic trading capabilities, market execution, risk management, compliance, operations, margin trading, advanced research and analytics tools to help optimize trading workflow across the length and breadth of our entire firm.
At Bluekey, we offer a “Buy-Side solution” that provides features which includes broker neutral access to any broker and algorithmic destinations available; global support on a multi-asset, multi-currency platform, working trade analytics, benchmark comparisons in real-time and robust post trading. This provides a superior experience to both discretionary and nondiscretionary clients and portfolios.

Bluekey also Research Solution for Clients

We provide a comprehensive set of tools to analyze companies in a standardized easy platform. All the financial information you will ever need in one place, this includes in- depth market data, live news, chart pattern recognition, credit risk and share ratings in addition to our best in breed fundamental and research platform.

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Bluekey as Investment Strategy Builder

Blukey's Investment Strategy Builds a powerful investment research system that is used to define and evaluate strategies for selecting investment candidates using both fundamental and technical analysis. These investment strategies include multi-factor investment models that can be chosen from a pre-built library or can be created by the investor. We do Back-testing of trade stock listings that allow strategies in investment to be tested.

We have and use historical stock market data up to 10 years in the Nigerian market. Our Strategy Builders provides compelling content through a guided and educational online experience to boost investor confidence and drive trading volume, while enhancing loyalty amongst our Bluekey Coin account holders.

Overall Market Dynamics

In Nigeria, stocks decreased by 10.7% since January 2019, but have since continued to remain steady since.


It is actually hard to get a firm estimate for market size. World Bank of Switzerland estimates an average turnover of USD 8.3 trillion in the global foreign exchange market [as of the latest study published in September 2018].
According to the same study, almost two-thirds of the foreign exchange transactions were settled via electronic trading platforms and the remainder by telephone.


Increasing global financial integration, propelled by advancements in information technology, is not only making access to the currency markets available to financial institutions and large corporations, it has facilitated the fastest growing sector in the market: whether small, medium, large businesses; and even individuals.


Over the years, Bluekey has built a strong and capable IT team. Most of the development work is done in-house to ensure quick reaction to the business demands, facilitate easier communication, shorten the timeline from development to implementation, and protect against commercial blackmail in which a sole outside technology company providing mission critical solutions could engage.

All of our software is built with a very high degree of reliability and redundancy and meets or exceeds standard enterprise-level thresholds. We have refrained from putting blind trust in external “black box” applications or solutions. Wherever we use these applications, they are backed up by our own core data and processes.


Atpresent,Bluekey has more than 50,000 accounts, of which more than 5,000 are funded. On an average day, 1200-1800 accounts are active and either execute trades or carry open positions. We do have the capacity to handle massive States and Federal Government Investment Portfolio, as we have done same with some States in the Federation as clients.
That being said, Bluekey we are constantly working to improve our technology, to enhance its reliability and redundancy and to ensure it will support our growth far into the future of Nigeria's economy and the world at large.
Bluekey provides customer and technical support in multiple languages and continues to increase its multilingual capabilities. This is a standard in the Nigerian market with over 250 independent languages.


Bluekey has continuously worked tobuilditsownbrandintheglobal market. We realize that in an environment of relentless competition, the Bluekey brand and the goodwill it engenders will play a key role in distinguishing our competitive advantages, keeping customers loyal and ultimately drivingmoresales. Weareinthe process of protecting our name and trademark in all major countries and regions of interest.
Bluekey strives to provide a first- class experience for all of our clients without regard to the particular account size. We have always paid close attention to client requests and recommendations and to enhancing the relative competitive value of our Company intheglobalForexsector.

High Risk Warning!

Foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure.
Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.

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